5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Strategy

· Posted on
November 12, 2019

Facebook can help establish your Med Spa’s brand presence online. However, you must take a measured approach to social media and focus on optimization to catch the attention of potential patients. If you run a Medical Spa and are new to the social media game, here are 5 ways to optimize your presence that will help boost sales. 

  1. Banner Video

When it comes to your company’s Facebook page, the first thing visitors see is your page banner/cover. Look at this area as an opportunity to tell your brand story and to show visitors what your facility looks like inside. The video can tell a short story about your spa and highlight your most popular services and products. While you can accomplish this with a picture, a banner video is more likely to grab attention from page visitors and might do a better job of converting them into scheduling an appointment. 

  1. Client Reviews and Ratings

I am currently training for a half-marathon and wanted to find somewhere trustworthy to get a sports massage. After searching “Sports Massage Near Me,” I scrolled through a long list of therapists and businesses. Before clicking on a single website I read reviews, good and bad ones. Studies show that 84% of people trust customer reviews just as much as a referral from a friend. I can attest that the appointment I booked was mainly done based on reviews. Most social media users are pretty savvy when it comes to reading reviews, so you should highlight your good ones and encourage your customers to leave reviews if they enjoyed your services. The more positive reviews you have, the more page views and visitors you are likely to receive. This can go a long way in converting first-time viewers into loyal clients. Having trouble getting reviews? Offer a percentage off of your service in exchange for a five-star review. 

  1. Company Story

A medical spa can become a big part of somebody’s life, and they like to know that they are working with real people who have stories of their own.  A brief history of the company and its vision can be a very useful promotion on your social media pages. If people feel a connection to the spa and its workers, they are more likely to book appointments at your place of business. 

  1. Call to Action Button

Social media is mostly about connecting with your audience and creating communication. You want to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts. If you are posting content but don’t provide a call to action for phone calls or scheduling an appointment, you may be missing out on a lot of clients. Facebook gives you this opportunity with the CTA button they place below your banner. Take advantage of this resource. 

  1. The About Section

Too often we see business pages with an old address listed, a link to a website that doesn’t exist, or a phone number that is no longer active. This is the quickest way to lose the trust of a potential client. Go through the about section on your business page and make sure you have all the correct information filled in. Not only does it help add another level of trust with your potential clients, but it can also answer potential questions they may have. 

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